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Goodbye My Lover

When I was a freshman in college, I remember coming home late at night to Alva Heights after a mediocre day and slumping down on the couch. Often it was already midnight, or just shy of it, but not wanting to go to bed on such a low note I would look at my roommates and we would put on an episode of Scrubs.

And just like that, all was well and right in the world.

Scrubs was a pick me up after countless bad dates, final exams, diseases, and even surgeries. It cheered me and the men of SigmaAlphaEta up like few things could.

Through the years we watched as John Dorian (Zack Braff) went from wide-eyed intern to capable doctor; dodging janitorial sabotage, verbal assault and a barrage of relationships. We learned that sometimes you just need to stop and imagine that girl walking down the hall with a giant fan blowing her hair back, that your surrounded by muppets, that your head is separated from your body or take a moment out of corporeal life to jump on someone’s back spread your arms and scream “EAGLE!”

This year scrubs is embarking on the next phase of its life. To be completely sincere, the show that is currently playing on ABC is not Scrubs, it is Scrubs Med School, or Scrubs 2.0. It is not the series that I have grown to love.

As such, I have chosen to withdraw from viewership. I want to remember the Scrubs that was, not the Scrubs that is. And so, I bid goodbye to my dear friend who has accompanied through thick and thin, good and bad, for the better part of a decade. Goodbye Scrubs, you will be sorely missed.

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