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Tease me from the tower

So I’m back.

Once you stop blogging it takes a monumental event to get you back on the horse so for my first venture back I’ll share with you that thing that’s keeping me awake the last few nights.

LDS Performer Peter Breinholt.

It started in my Management class. We were organized into groups for a big project and told that if we raise $1,000 for the SEED we’d get out of the final. I hate group projects, and even more so when money is exchanging hands.

At our first meeting some 30 year old creeper with blue hair suggested doing a benefit concert. He later dropped the class but not after the group had taken his idea and run with it. With everyone thirsty to avoid the final and trapped in mob mentality we began shooting for the moon. Originally Kalai was thrown out, turns out he cost $4,000 just to bring into Logan. I e-mailed Peter Breinholt and asked him what his availability was like and he agreed to come for $500. Cheap, but not free. I suggested that we do something with local talent (all we need is $1,000 after all) and went about securing the location.

To make a long story short, after about a month we finally had a performer and venue and now we’re commited to a liablity of about $2,000. We can make that back and more, but if something happens and this all goes south I’m looking at spending $400 to get an F in the class. Needless to say I’m stressed.

Still, we’re trying to put on a good show. So, if anyone wants to see Peter Breinholt play at the Kent Concert Hall for 10 bucks the concert will be on Wednesday April 7th.

More to come on this later.

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