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7. Go into the O.C. Tanner Lounge
8. Perform at PoBev (Count it!)
9. Jam in the amphitheater

Two weeks ago we scratched number 8 off the Bucket List. I had seen that they were going to be doing Dueling Pianos and while I didn’t have a co-dueler I figured I’d sign up for one of the opening acts. Turns out, not to many pianists signed up so I got a phone call from Tom Atwood saying that I would be dueling with classically trained protege pianist extraordinaire Branden Lee.

We met Wednesday. Practiced for the one and only time Saturday afternoon and saddled up Saturday night for an hour-long set.

I ended up doing most of the singing, but Branden pulled the heavy lifting on the piano. I forgot a whole verse of “Sweet Caroline” and our “Billionaire” just crashed and burned. Still, we closed up with an epic rendition of Piano Man and in the end I walked away with $6 from the crowed.

Check out the videos

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True Aggie Night

That’s not me. In fact none of these pictures are me. A few weeks ago I was leaving the office around midnight when I remembered that it was True Aggie night. I figured hey, nice night, camera in hand, hordes of co-eds drunk on repressed sexual urges…should make for some good pictures.

So I played the role of participant observer, took a few shots and then realized that it was 12:15 and I was a tired old man so I went home and to bed. Good thing too, as I was leaving I saw my ex (technically I can’t call her that, I’ll have to think of a word to refer to her by…an appropriate one anyway)

I’m a three-time True, but only 2 on top of the A. During one of my freshman ventures a blonde girl I worked with saw me, said she had to kiss 10 guys for her sorority initiation and planted one one me before I even had time to say “why Yes, of course.” She also holds the title for being the only girl I’ve kissed who’s name I no longer remember.

Walking around the crowd taking pictures, I felt really, really old. One scrawny kid crawled up on top of the A and just waited by himself alone until finally a girl (hot one too) ran up and kissed him. If you want to, you WILL get kissed on True Aggie night. I have apparently reached an age where that type of romantic frivolity is no longer appealing. I suppose in the long run that’s a good thing, but it is sad to be confronted with the mortality of you juvenile self. Having said that, there’s still plenty of time when I get my juvenile on, so it must only be half-dead.

So my dear underclassmen. I hereby place the university in your hands. If you’re good to her she will be good to you. We had some great times, but I’ve grown old and she needs someone who will treat her the way she should be treated. Go to the howl and gawk at Tinkerbell, go to Mardis Gras and play Craps, stay up all night in the dorms and hide old food in your neighbors’ apartment, drink sprite until your roommate gets a kidney stone, go clean the sink, jump into First Dam in the middle of October, and go to True Aggie night and make out with as many strangers as possible, while you still think it’s cool to do so.

Confession: Editing these pictures, coupled with the fact that I’m a little broken-hearted at the moment…I really want to make out with someone right now.

p.s. Just for good measure. Here’s an old pic of me getting my True on. The shot is completely amateur hour. I didn’t take it, obviously.

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