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1. Sleep on the Quad or Old Main Hill
2. *no longer possible
3. Become a true Aggie one more time

One of my favorite articles that I ever wrote was last year when I was an assistant editor on The Statesman feature’s desk. I pulled a “ride-along” with 2 officers of the USU police department after a basketball game.

There wasn’t a lot of action, it’s Logan after all, but the experience was great. One of the things I love about my job is the times I get to peek behind the curtain and cruising in the back seat of a black and white really changes your image of a police officer. Sidenote* in my 4 years at The Statesman I’ve had many opportunities to work with USUPD and they are a great group of individuals. Easily one of my favorite organizations on campus.

So, we’re riding around trading war stories and one of the officers mentions how there’s always someone on campus – walking around, playing frisbee, sleeping on the quad. When he said that my interest was piqued.

“Do you make them leave?”
“No,” he said, “there’s no curfew on campus. As long as your not a disturbance you’re fine.”

Hearing that my mind immediately seized upon a desire to camp out on the quad and ever since then I’ve been trying to do it. You would think it would be easy, but convincing your friend to set up camp when their beds are literally less than a mile away is no simple task. Not to mention, Logan is a frigid wasteland for most of the school year.

So, with the end approaching we bundled up and headed to the quad. Trevor brought his 9-man tent that he scored for free in a “finder’s keepers” snag and we all sat around snacking, chatting, and playing the odd game of Quad-quet (croquet, wait for it, on the quad).

When we finally called it a night the wind was howling (of course it was) and rustling the tent like crazy but with nine people in one tent it didn’t get very cold.

The major hiccup we had was when a group of (presumably) freshman jumped on the tent siding and in the process kneed my friend Dave in the eye. He and his wife called it quits, an unfortunate casualty of the quad.


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3. Become a true Aggie one more time
4. Clean the sink (again)

20. Pull an all-nighter
21. Toilet paper someone’s apartment

I spent Saturday night walking around the the track in the Fieldhouse and singing Karaoke with Emily. Not a bad way to fight against cancer. Check out the video I made at

As for number 3…a gentlemen doesn’t speak of such things.

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24. Eat in the Junction/Marketplace
25. Bike down the Old Main steps
26. Crowd Surf

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at this spot, on my bike, staring down all 124 steps of Old Main Hill.

Biking down steps is not altogether difficult, it’s actually quite fun. The problem here comes with the length of the descent, in that gravity tends to accelerate objects moving down a slope, creating the need to break, which creates the possibility of flipping your bike over, especially when bouncing up and down. Making matters worse, the “flat” sections between flights are actually quite slanted and the entire thing ends in a steep 8-stair that dumps you out into the middle of an intersection where oncoming traffic does not have a stop sign.

So, I did it today. There were a few pedestrians that looked at me with a mixed expression of “who is this idiot” and “please, don’t hurt me in the process” but I made it down fine. I went a little slower than I’d like. I might have to do it again for pride. The problem being that biking down there means it takes longer for me to get home. Ohhh, the price of greatness.

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25. Bike down the Old Main steps
26.Crowd Surf

There’s quite a few things that had hoped to do during my senior year that weren’t necessarily on The List. I wanted to go to the WAC tournament, I wanted to go to New York (hopefully my graduation present to myself) and I wanted to go to Festival of Colors.

I’d heard a lot about it. I’d seen (seemingly) everyone’s facebook pictures so when Emily and Kasey said they were going I hopped on board the train.

It was awesome. Live music, dancing, hoopin’ and hollerin’ and a whoooooooole lot of colored chalk. I figured, I’ve never crowd surfed and I’m probably not going to find a cooler time for my first than Hare Krishna.

I got thrown, and they dropped me. And I kicked a girl in the head (which I feel a little bad about) but I made sure she was ok. Good time, I’d recommend it, probably won’t do it again.

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16. Go into one of the Sorority houses
17. Kiss a girl who smokes
18. Get a picture with Big Blue

Not much to say about this one. After senior night we went down on the court to watch the net cutting (props to Fafner for getting his share) and Big Blue was nicely standing in a corner taking pictures.

Interested note, if you look at where blue’s eye-holes are, he’s only got a couple of inches on me.

This was my last home game in the Spectrum as an undergrad and potentially ever. It was a very bittersweet moment for me. I remember before the game started looking around at the crowd cheering the Scottsman thinking “this is it for me, I’m finished here.” While I didn’t expect to get emotional I did, especially after the half when Idaho took their first free throw and the whole front row got “Wild”ed up. Nice one guys!

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13. Get into the police blotter
14. Become an ULTIMATE Aggie
15. Go through the tunnels

It occurred to me the other day that I have about 10 weeks of school left and about 20 items left on my bucket list. As such, I decided that I needed to start doing at least one item per weekend – many items are weather exclusive and will have to wait till spring.

So, it’s 2:00 a.m. Saturday night and I’m driving home and I realize that I failed to complete an item when all of a sudden I come to the intersection of 10th north and 8th east. For those of you unfamiliar with the Logan area, that intersection is guarded by a 10 foot tall statue of a bull with the letters “Meet the Challenge” inscribed on it’s podium.

I got to thinking. The reason that so many people get caught becoming an Ultimate Aggie is because they attempt it in large groups, at too early hours, during times when it would be expected. Here I was, alone and thus able to complete the task in a matter of moments, 2 in the morning when there was little activity, game night so there were plenty of other cars in the parking lot to not arise suspicion and it was February so the authorities wouldn’t be patrolling the area as heavily – after all, who would be dumb enough to sit naked astride a giant metal statue of a bull in the middle of winter? Me, I am that stupid.

So I did. I undressed in the car down to nothing but my p-coat. Made my way to the base of the beast, shed my loins, clambered up there, got comfortable, and enjoyed the feeling of pure freedom of sitting naked atop a giant bull under the stars. It wasn’t even cold until I got down and made my way back to my car a natural. By then I thought I had lost my toes for good and it took about a half hour before my feet thawed.

No pictures though, I’ll have to go back and get documentation.

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Sorority Row

15. Go through the tunnels
16. Go into one of the Sorority houses
17. Kiss a girl who smokes (I could live without completing this one)

I’ve been talking about this for four years and finally, today I went inside one of the sorority houses. One of my sports writers needed to borrow a recorder from one of my features writers (who lives in the Alpha Chi Omega abode) so I went along with them.

It wasn’t exactly the magical event that I imagined would carry me through the threshold but it works. No underwear pillow fighting going on. It was actually quite nice and homey inside. I think a girl was playing hymns on the piano. HYMNS! Such a learning experience. I just might go back sometime.

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