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Bryan Cranston proved in Breaking Bad that he can comfortably play both sides of the Man is Good/Man is Evil duality. But while Bad called on the actor to convey a slow and steady devolution into darkness, drug-war thriller The Infiltrator maintains Cranston’s hand on the chain as he flips back and forth between real-life federal agent Robert Mazur and his alter ego Bob Musella, a money-laundering simpatico to the Medellin Cartel and other shadowy interests.

Set at the height of the Reagan-era drug paranoia, an aging and retirement-eligible Mazur launches an undercover operation to go straight at Columbian cocaine lord Pablo Escobar through his wallet, rather than working his way slowly up the food chain through lower-level busts.

The plan works well, and before long Mazur is reeling in high-level targets like Roberto “The Jeweler” Alcaino  (a pitch-perfect and sinister Benjamin Bratt) and the C-level honchos of a major international bank, while also dodging bullets and suspicious as the noose tightens.

Director Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) takes a slick, no-frills approach to the heady subject material. Much like  2014’s Kill The Messenger, the true story behind Infiltrator already contains the twists and turns of a feature film, and Furman wisely steers clear of excesses to craft a satisfying and sophisticated drama that captures a lesser-known but noteworthy moment in America’s criminal history.

With Cranston at its center, and heavy assists by John Leguizamo and a well-utilized Diane Kruger, Infiltrator is a well-executed, grown-up drama that informs while it entertains.

*The Infiltrator opens nationwide on Wednesday, July 13.

Grade: B+


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