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I’ve been hearing all my life how similar I am to my brother Jake, who is nine years older than me. I could point to several key differences (he’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert) but from an observational standpoint I’ve been told that we look the same, walk the same, talk the same, act the same and dress the same.

Again, I don’t know about any of that but one thing we do have in common is ukulele-playing (although technically, I started uke-ing first).

Jake was the lead singer of Dishwoody and the Burritos in his younger years and has always had a better hand at songwriting than I have. That’s because I can’t write songs at all, and have thus accepted my lot in life as a cover artist.

Anyway, the other night Jake stopped by for a late night jam so we could record a song he had written for his wife as an anniversary gift. It was already late-ish when we got started so in a little over an hour we rehearsed, recorded and edited the song and an accompanying YouTube video.

It turned out pretty good for a smash and grab job and it was kind of nice to be on backup vocals for a change (you’re all very welcome).

Here’s the video below and since no one downloads these songs but my mom anyway, you can pick up a free copy on my Bandcamp page (where there’s also mine and Jake’s Beyonce cover).



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The average high in Salt Lake City for the last week was 96 degrees. It hit triple digits on Wednesday (102) and at night we’ve been lucky if the low gets down into the low 70s. I have a window box air conditioning unit in my living room, but the cool air doesn’t quite make it to my bedroom before being beaten down by the oppressive heat.

That’s my long-winded way of saying I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. And what is an amateur ukulelist with insomnia to do besides stare at the ceiling and will his eyelids to surrender to blissful slumber?

Record a cover song, duh, which is what I decided to do last night. I’m not a huge Pearl Jam fan, their heyday was a little before my time, but ‘Just Breathe’ holds a secure spot on my “I love this song so hard” Spotify playlist. I also like that it gives me a chance to work on my finger-picking skills on the Kamoa pineapple soprano.

As you can see by the clock in the video resting on top of my couch (it fell off the wall the other day and I haven’t gotten around to hanging it back up) it was about 10:30/11p.m. when I put this together. Between late night uke-ing and all the coconut curry I cook, I’m 100 percent sure that I’m my neighbors’ favorite neighbor. It could be worse, I could have a crying baby or a dog.

Oh, and to explain the header photo, I fastened my “official busker” pin and returned to the Salt Lake City farmers market this morning after an extended absence. It was a good day, but apparently my callouses had healed, which made for a painful afternoon.

Here’s the video, and as always you can download a free copy of the song on bandcamp.

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CoverArt2_webtitle  Let’s get right to the good stuff shall we? For a free download of my cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” click here. Once there, click on the big blue letters that say “Buy Now” and then enter a big fat zero when asked how much you want to pay — or some other number, followed by your credit card information 🙂

As an aside, we put this track together in the basement of my aunt’s house. My cousin-in-law Chris is a bit of a local music phenom who also dabbles with at-home DIY recording. He’s the one in the video rocking the shaker/tamborine combo and I handled the Uke, vocals and piano.

So, since I know you’ve all been thinking “Man, I wish I could have Ben Wood playing Ukulele in my ear when I go for my morning jog/drive through my morning commute/gaze longingly out of rain-swept windows” you are in luck.

But wait, that’s not all.

As you may or may not know, my sister and I are film enthusiasts and have some lofty goals of world domination. But every journey has a first step so we decided that putting together a quick music video would be good practice for future projects.

In hindsight music videos are a difficult first step, as the need to synch your video to an audio track is exaggerated, making it hard to convincingly mimic that you’re singing live when you’re actually not. But all in all I think it came together pretty well for a couple of kids who didn’t really know what they were doing.


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